Jacksonville Inn

Only two years after the cry of "Gold" rang out in California, two travelers on their way to sell supplies to the gold-diggers stopped in the foothills of the SiskiyouMountains. As they were packing up their mule, they noticed gold sticking out of a muddy hoof print. Within months over one thousand more joined them and "Rich Gulch" was born. This boomtown was later named Jacksonville.

Most old historic gold rush towns are now nothing but ghost towns but Jacksonville's unique beauty along with it's famous music festival and a 5 star establishment such as Jacksonville Inn will always remain a rich and rewarding destination.

The structure that would finally become the Jacksonville Inn was built in 1860 and repaired and remodeled in 1873 after a devastating fire. Throughout it's long history it had been everything from a general store to a livery stable and in 1968, it became The Jacksonville Inn. Jacksonville had become a National Historic Landmark and tourists had discovered the quaint Gold-Mining community.

Jacksonville Inn has made history of it's own. This eight room Historic Inn and five star restaurant and it's adjacent Honey Moon Suites has been featured on CNN and The Learning Channel's "Great Country Inns". The Jacksonville Inn is also listed in The Select Registry of Distinguished Inns of North America. Owners Jerry and Linda Evans continue to pursue excellence completing several additional honeymoon cottages recently These Honeymoon Cottages are indescribable.

From the outside they appear to be simply historic cottages but nothing can prepare you for the luxury within. They are beautifully and romantically decorated by designer Ginger Lawrence and also wired high tech "smart cottages" with surround sound, big screen television, and heated tile floors. There is a living area, gas fireplace, kitchen and dining area, whirlpool tub, glass block steam room and a large yard and waterfall.

This is a wedding destination. The yard behind the cottages is a beautiful location for a wedding and the Inn can host the reception. The Jacksonville Inn Restaurant is considered one of Oregon's best and has been featured in Oregon Magazine and Pacific Northwest Magazine. Chef Wendy Little was trained in La Varenne in Paris and has created culinary art as the executive chef at the Four Seasons Hotel in Santa Barbara, Zig Zag in Carmel and Mustards Grille in Napa Valley.

Wendy is passionate about her original creations and patrons return again and again for memorable favorites such as Spicy Mexican Shrimp Cocktail and entrees such as Halibut Saffron Broth surrounded with sweet peppers and garlic served with steamed clams, mussels and shrimp. The Desserts here are delectable and the favorite is Hazelnut Meringue filled with whipped creme and fresh raspberries.

Wine lovers will want to take time to explore this incredible collection with the oldest vintage dating back to 1811.

If you plan your trip in the summer, you will enjoy The Britt Festival held in Britt Gardens walking distance from the Inn. In October you will have the opportunity

to enjoy the fall colors and early spring brings pear blossoms to the valley but whenever you come you must see The Jacksonville Museum and Children's Museum where children can play pioneer and learn about the old west.




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